Healthy Christmas Treats for Dogs & Cats

Thanksgiving isn't the only holiday that turkey is a big part of.  Lots of families have a huge turkey dinner also for their Christmas holiday feast.  So pet parents, if your missed the boat for your pets this past Thanksgiving, there's still time to make it up .  Christmas ia upon us and we're all looking forward to the feasting that awaits...again.  Turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry and all the trimmings, plus who could forget all the scrumptous deserts.

 Well all the deliscious smells that a Holiday feast brings will definitely not go unnoticed by our four-legged friends.  So, as pet parents wouldn't it be a great idea to have something special that your babies would enjoy on this special holiday also....we're thinking they would, so we put together just a few really healthy  Read More......

DIY Pet Christmas Holiday Ornaments

With Chrisrmas right around the corner, I'm beginning to think about putting my crafting hat on to make some pet Christmas ornaments.  Nothing to difficult,,,pretty easy stuff that  both you and the kids could make for your favorite pet or pets that will add a nice touch for the holiday.  I found  a couple of really cute ornaments that I thought I would share with you.

1. PICTURE FRAME PET CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS   Who doesn't want a picture of their furry friend.  This adorable  Picture Frame Ornament is easy to make  and  will work either for canines or felines.

2. CARDSTOCK SIHLOUETTE PET  HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS  Most of these supplies can be found at a dollar or craft store..  sihlouettes  are really easy to draw or trace and cut out   Add a hole and some ribbon for hanging and your  Read More......

Pet Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

Holidays are always lots of fun, but sometimes can be stressful both when traveling with our doggies and kitties or leaving them at home alone.  Pretty sure we all have the same concerns, like how will I transport them safely or how long can I leave them alone.   Wether your driving or flying with your pets,  here are a couple of suggestions for transporting your precious cargo.

Lucky Dogs JetPaws Carriers perfect for small dogs or cats as this carrier will fit nicely under the seat.  Please chack your airline beforehand for all rules for pet flying.  Also, always have your pets name, address and your phone number on all crates when traveling.

Petmate Airline Cargo Crate Small This Eco-Friendly crate is not only great for flying but also safe for the car and home.  Stock the  Read More......

Eco-Friendly Pet Sweaters

It's gett​ing a little chilly out these days because winter is not far off , so we need  to be prepared.  Here are a few warm and snuggley  Eco-Friendly Pet Sweaters, hoody or jacket  that your babies will like, These just​​​ happen to be, really cute stuff that will work for either our pups or kitties because osome come in smaller sizes.  

Handmade Ragg Wool  Shawl   How cute will your pup look in this classic cable stictch sweater.  Handmade and eco-friendly your pup will be the envy of any doggie.

Chilly Dog Cable Knit Wool Dog Sweater  These eco-friendly dog sweaters are handmade in Peru by the Incas.  They families that knit these sweaters grow the wool and the dye is made from plant and fruit extracts.  perfect for both dogs and cats.

Porland Pullover Dog Sweater   Any  Read More......

The Pet Advent Calendars

Ever wonder when and where the use of an Advent Calendar began and why.   Well December 1st is almost  here and that means the beginning of the Advent Calendar.  Now I know these calendars are mostly used for kids...but hey, aren't our furry babies our kids too?  

Of course they are.  

So, in honor of the Advent Calender and the beginning of the days leading up to the 25th of December, here are six great ideas for an Eco-Friendly Pet Advent Calendars to have ready our four legged friends.

Now the calendars below can definitely be used for both doggies or kitties.  Whether you decide to make one or buy one, we hope the calenders below will do the trick in helping you decide what type to use this year. 


Christmas Doggie Wreath  Advent  Read More......

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