Earth Day and Pets

Today, April 22, the whole world is celebrating Earth Day, a time for everyone to reflect on what we are all doing to preserve and save this wonderful planet.  Everyone from children to grandparents from all walks of life and cultures can use this day to make a pledge to do just one thing different this year to save the planet.  As pet parents we can help to Go Green and speak for our pets too by making a few pretty easy changes. 

So let's speak for our dogs and cats and all animals for that matter, who love the ocean, mountains and lakes.  Do this for the fields of flowers, the trees they love to climb and the fresh air they love to smell.  Do it for yourselves and for all kids who will reap the rewards after we're gone and then for their kids and their pets too.   Do it because it's just the right thing to do.

Check out some of the things that you can do at Pets Go Green For Earth Day wher you will find some great ideas and links to taking the first step to going green for your pets. You'll find ideas like Doggie Walk Bags, Swheat Scoop Cat Litter, Arm & Hammer Essentials Clumping Litter and Organic Osacar Shaampoos & Conditioners to name a few.  But there's so much more items made from natural and organic resources like hemp, bamboo and wood and lots of different recycleable materials that are all biodegradable and good for the planet which is the objective.  You'll find these ides and more on  an eco-friendly site for pets where you 'll find lots of interesting ways to Go-Green from hemp collars and leashes to crates,blankets, beds and so on with a few DIY projects and ideas you may want to try.

If you're already doing some of these things, well then, your on your way to helping make this a greater planet and can definitely feel proud,  but maybe you can just pledge one more extra thing this year for your pup or kitty…they'll be oh so super glad you did!