Dogs Love Spring Cleaning

You know what Spring means don't you?   Well just in case you're not sure,  it means it's also that  time of year for not only Spring cleaning the house but  it should also include Spring cleaning our furry little pups stuff too!  What can we do your say, well here's a couple of tips that are pretty easy to do.  Your furry friends might also have the cleaning bug and  want to get into it too. Of course, some of our pups may just want to supervise the goings on.  Below are some ideas on how to get the job done.

1.CLEAN BEDS  Wash all mats and blankets and freshen up where your pup sleeps.  Nothing is more comfortable than a clean bed.  If stuff is to ratty to save then maybe it's time to get new stuff..

2.FEEDING STATION  Wash or change mat under your pups bowls. Clean or replace bowls.  I prefer ceramic or aluminum bowls for my pups as some plastic hold bacteria more easily.

3. COLLARS-LEASHES AND LEADS  Check to make sure all of these items are still in tipop shape.  Make sure his info and vaccination disc are clean.

4. CRATES   If you clean and crate your dogs like I do when traveling in car or periodically during the day and at night, then all there pillows , mats and blankets need a good cleaning also.

5. TOYS  Time to wash those slobbered on toys and check to see if some might haave to be tossed…I'm pretty sure there are a few of those.

6.BATH  If you haven't given your dog a bath recently, well nows the time to make him or her feel and smell oh so good…you'll get extra licks for this one!  Don't forget to nice smelling spray.  After all, even dogs love a spa treatment.

7. NAILS  Who doesn't like a nice manicure and pedi and that goes for our furry babies.  Whether  you do it yourself or take them to a groomer it's something that really need to be done.  Your puts will be thinking…I'm so pretty, oh so pretty!!

8. SHOTS   This may be listed last but certainley not least . Vet visits and shots are so very important. Check to see if your doggies are all caught up on their shots.  When that's done don't forget the heartworm pills and of course some form of tic medication.

Well there you have it, just a few simple and easy ways to do some Spring cleaning in the life of a dog…shouldn't take long but  makes your doggies feel great for a long, long time. 

One last thing…please make sure your cleaning products are safe for your dogs and don't forget the to let the kids help…a fun way for them to learn about the care of their pet.