Five Great Reasons For Rescuing A Cat

If your thinking about rescuing a pet from your local shelter but feel you don't have enough time to give much attention then consider rescuing a kitten or cat.  Why, you may ask ?  Well a cat or kittern would be the perfect choice for you and there and here are at least five great reasons to do so.




Reason number one is that rescued cats from a shelter means that your feline friend is dewormed and vaccinated and probably, free of fleas and has been chipped and ready to go.  Some shelters give a voucher for a local vet to have these things taken care ofother things like the so important nuetering.

Reason number two is that kittens and cats require much less attention and exercise than a dog. 

Reason number three is that cats are very independant and can fend for themselves when needed and can stay alone for longer period s of time and be perfectly fine with that.

Reason four is that cats and kittens don't need a whole lot of extravident toys…any cardboard box or empty spool of thread, paper crunched up ball and something with catnip will do just fine.

Reason five is that a cat or kitten don't need to be taken out for a walk…which might be fun for some folks, except whrn it oh so cold and snowy out..

I know I said at least five reason…but I still have a few more to mention and they are:

Reason six….no barking, no barking, no barking….although we certainly love our canine friends sometimes the barking can be a little much.

Reason seven is that kitties and cats are easily trained to make in the litter box and we do so if thee box is kept clean…a pretty easy thing to do these days.

Reason eight is that cats are also warm and cuddly and shelter pets have so much love to give.

I'm sure there are many reason why adopting a shelter cat or kitten is a really great thing to do but seriously the shelters are overflowing with kitties that need to be adopted and they really maek a great pet not only for kids and working folks who are so busy day in and day out with not much free time on their hands,but also for seniors who are living alone and lonely.  As long as a senior can empty a litter box and feed a kitty or have someone who can do that for them, than that's really a perfect companion for them.  Give it a try and maybe by chance it will be the most rewarding thing you've done in a very long time.  Oh, and by the way, if you already have a dog and are thinking dogs and cats don't mix…well think again because the fact is that dogs and cats have been known to get along famously.  So good luck and Happy Adopting!!