Easter Hazards For Pets

Easter is a fun day for all kids big and small …what with egg hunts and  Easter baskets filled with all sorts of goodies.  But something lurks beneath all the fun that can be extremely dangerous to pet parents and their four-legged kids.    So…here are a few little friendly reminderws of some of those things.

CHOCOLATE    So much around and oh so tempting for our pets,so put chocolates where it can't be reached.  Chocolate is very, very dangerous to our babies.

BASKET GRASS    This is such a choking hazard to both dogs and cats so leave Easter baskets out of reach.  Day after Easter is a good time to dismantle baskets and discard grass.  Kids love their candy whether it's in a basket or bowl.

WICKER BASKET     Yup even the Easter basket can be dangerous for dogs and cats and here's why.  Generally these baskets a pretty flimsy and if you have a chewer in the house this basket is a great target.  Small slivers could be ingested and could cause problems going down and very possibly coming out.

PLASTIC EGGS     Same thing here….plastic eggs are fun for the kids filled with quarters and jelly beans, but shards of these plastic pieces can cut the inside of pets mouth and can  be harmful when ingested by our pets.

HARD BOILED EGGS     You wouldn't think hard boiled eggs could be harmful to your pets but here's the thing, If all eggs are not found at the egg hunt and the hunt is in the house, the eggs eventually rots and at some pont can be found by your pets.  Ingesting a rotten egg and its shell can make your furry friend pretty sick and tha's no fun, right?  So a tip here is to write down how many eggs and where they are hidden to avoid that problem.    Oh ,you might say I'll remember, but guess what, with the kids running around like mad trying to find the egs, it's pretty easy to lose track.! 

FOIL GOODIES   Foil is no friend of our pets by itself but foiled filled with chocholate is definetly not a friend for obvious reason.  Can pets digest and pass foil easily…I don't think so which leads to a whole lot of hurt. not only for your pet but for you. Remember, paying a vet bill can be very costly and painful.

SUGAR CANDY    Remember the lyrric,  just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down thing…well your pets will probably need some medicine from the vet if they start eating spoonfulls of sugary Easter candy and let's face it , all of that candy is sugary even if it's in the shape of a carrot!

EASTER LILIES   Easter Lilies are everywhere this time of year and a very popular plant to bring home.  They smell great and are lovely to look at to us but not so much for your cats.  Lilies have toxins that are very dangerous and yes could be deadly to our furry friends.  So If you get one please, please put it up where your pets can't reach them.

Easter Is a wonderful holiday that should be celebrated for all sorts of reasons…let's remember to make it a happy and healthy holiday for our pets too.  A few little effortless precautions will go a long way in keeping it that way.