Easter fun for Dogs & Cats

Easter egg hunts for kids are lots and lots of fun…but what about our four-legged friends.  These  babies enjoy a fun time also, so why not hide a few healthy treat either inside or out for the little buggers.  Below are just ac ouple of suggestions on what to bring to the hunt.  Oh, and why not put some cute rabbit ears on the littlee devils while you're at it for a great photo or two…or three.

If your into baking  Five Yummy Healthy Easter Dog Treats are easy and healthy treats your dogs will absolutely love.  Break one or two up and hide in easy places for them to sniff them out.  Another very good treat for the pups is Nutro Crunchy Apple Treats, if you haven't tried them yet. Besides apple they come in flavors like bluebeey and cranberry and smell abaolutely delicious.  The doggies are gonna love them.  Don't forget you could also hide small pieces of carrots or apples or another favorite fruit or veggie youd dog may love.  My dogs love chererios….maybe you can lead a trail of them around for them to find too.

Cats are gonna go crazy for Blue Wilderness Chicken & Turkey Cat Treats.  These small kitty treats are easy to hide for the hunt and yhe kitties qwill be delighted to find them.  Zukes Natural Purz Cat Savory Salmon Treat is also a wonderful choice for the hunt on Easter and anytime of the year for that matter.  I mean, what cat doesn't like salmon.  Of coure a little bit of catnip in an old sock could be something to think about to….a little bit of that goes a long way.

Anyway there you have a couple cute and easy ideas for having your canines and felines join in the holiday fun/  If you have kids let them help hide the treat.  You only should hide five to six smaller pieces cause we don't want them to get sick….that would be a bummer.

If your looking for other terrific ideas check out Treehuggingpets.com not only for healthy treats or eco-friendly toys but lots of great product ideas for all your pets needs,  DIY ideas and FYI'S to name a few. So take a look and see if you found something you may like for the “kids”.