FYI Before Rescuing A Shelter Dog


Rescuing and adopting a shelter dog is one of the most rewarding things we've ever done.  For the dog you are probably the very last chance he or she has left in this world because there's just not many options for most.  Oh sure a few get picked by locals for foster until they're adopted and that's a wonderful thing, but lots get put down if not rescued fast enough from the shelter.  Here are a few pics of our dogs that were rescued from a shelter along with a few tips before rescuing one.  Fritz  (aka Fritzie) is the black & brown doggie and the tan is Bruno (aka Bru Bru), both doxie mixes…Fritz is a Doxiepin, part Dachshund and Pincher and Bruno is aJackshund, part Doxie and part Jack Russell.  Both are very different but also so alike in so many ways, it's amazing.  One thing for sure they get along beautifully.  They play together, sleep together and eat together, it's a joy to watch.  Of course not only is Fritz in charge of Bruno but he has us trained also, but we don't mind.

When we went to rescue  Fritz, we knew we wanted a Doxie or Doxie mix…it really didn't matter.  We mostly always had a Doxie since we were small and it was what we were looking for.  I must tell you that Doxie mixes are much more friendly and pleasant and these two certainly fit that bill.  Pedigree Doxie can sometimes be a bit more stubborn.  So if you consider some of the tips we've listed then your on your way to having a wonderful experience with your rescue doggie.  These are the things we always considered when we adopted a rescue.

First thing to think about is what breed you would like…if it's no issue then the sky is the limit.  Do you want a mixed breed or a pedigree. Lots of rescue dogs are a mixed breed but sometimes a pedigree will come along also.  Decide which is best for you, but I believe mixed breeds live longer. from what I've read.

Always check different breeds for temperament when you have younger children around to make sure your choice is the right fit for your family. If you have a breed in mind check out all the pros and cons about their habits…likes and dislikes and  friendliness with others.

Size in the selecting of a dog really matters.  If you live in an apartment you'll probably be better off with a smaller dog.  If your in a house with a large fenced in yard than any size will almost always work for you.  Remember the bigger the dog, the more food and treats you'll need….that also goes for crates too, so keep that in mind before falling head over heels at the shelter.

Color may also play a part in your decision.  Remember white dogs a look dirtier faster than dark brown or black dogs.  Type of hair is also something to think about, longer hair dogs leave lots of hair around when shedding and need grooming alot more than shorter hair dogs.  Although shorter hair dogs shed also, it's not so noticeable and grooming usually consist of bathing and nail clipping only.

Decide whether you want a very active outdoor type of dog or one that primarily wants to be indoors, so finding one that fits your life style is definitely very important.

Older dogs are more than likely trained but for some reason folks want pups.  Pups are cute but they take alot more work for training againt chewing, peeing and pooping…well you get the idea.  Give an older dog a chance they need you more than anything and the rewards are boundless. Older dogs are also great for older folks who just want a companion as long as they can take care of them.

Remember dogs need shots and wellness care just like humans, they need grooming so make sure your budget can handle the extra costs.

Last but not least…please don't surprise anyone with a gift of a shelter dog.  Taking care of a dog is a big commitment and something not everyone wants to do.  Also, please don't adopt a rescue just because your kids want one.  Remember that the chances are you'll wind up taking care of the dog as kids are known to lose interest if it means extra work.  You the parent must be totally committed to this adoption.

We hope these tips help. Be sure to check your local areas shelter, they're usually on the internet posting pictures of the dogs available and for how long before they are put to sleep. It's a great way to see if some little doggie gets your ears perked up.  Then the only thing left to do is go down to the shelter and check it out..  There usually is a smalll charge, but most places give a voucher for the dogs immediate wellness visit and /or neutering.  Good luck…rescuing a shelter dog is such a wonderful choice so we at THP, thank you in advance.