Cats Sense Spring Is In The Air

Not to be out done by doggies our four-legged felines are just as excited  about Spring.  They can hear the birdies chirping and that' their cue to get the Spring cleaning started.   The needs of cats are much like thise of dogs in some ways with one or two differences.  Below are a few ideas to get the kitty Spring cleaning going.  Remember cats can't talk  to let you know what they want, but if they coud they probably wouldn't so we have to go on instincts. Here are a easy few tips on kitty Spring cleaning. So let's get to spiffing things up.

CATS & SHEDDING  Cat shed in the Spring so whether you brush or blow their hair, this is a great way to control the hair balls. I've even seen folks vacuum the hair…on low of course and only with the hose.

BEDS & BEDDING Cats are  known for being crazy big groomers, so they definitely want to get into a clean bed with clean bedding like pad, pillow or blanket…makes sense to me.

CRATES & CARRIERS  This should definitely follow thru to their craates and travel carriers.  Nothing is more uncomfortable then getting into a messy car right,  wel our pets feel the same way about their crates and carriers too.

TOYS  Wash their toys and check to see ithey're still safe. Again, just like dogs if they're in stinky, crudy condition toss them and get new.  If still useable giive them a whirl in the washer…easy enough.

FEEDING AREA  Keep water and food bowl area clean and easily accesible.  Nobody,  whether humans or pets enjoy eating in a messy dirty place!

SCRATH POLE  Cats love to scratch on something ruff.  That's not only play but also grooming of their nails.  Make sure all their scratch poles  etc. are in tip top shape.  Some may need to be replaced.

ID TAGS  Make sure your kitties have all tags on and clean and attached to a comfy and safe collar.

VET CHECKUPS  Cats need to get vet check ups too, so nows the time to make sure they're all caught up on their shots and exams.

TICK AND FLEAS  So important to make sure your cats have the proper tick and flea treatments.  Ticks are a serious business and nothing  is worse than haveing fleas on your cat and all over the house.  They multiply fast, fast, fast.  Ooooh, I'm beginning to itch thinking about it. If bombing is necessary, please use something safe or remove cats from the area until it is safe..

GROOMING  Even though most cats are great groomers….every cat will enjoy a spa day that includes a bath and some nail triming and brushing and stuff that smells wonderful.  Believe it or not some cats really like a bath and all the good stuff that comes with a good grooming…they just like to give us a hard time..

LITTER BOX  Saved this for last but it's definitely one of the most important things.  Keep the litter box cleand from day to day.  Cats hate dirty litter boxes and will not make in one which simply means any other place in the house is a big fat target, like the couch, rug, bed…ugh.    If the box is getting ratty, buy a new one, their are plenty of great ones out there.  Also make sure you get litter that is safe for them.  Did you know that mixing baking soda in litter helps keep the smell in check?

Well, there you have it.  We all know cats have a rep for being finicky but even  finicky cats needs to be rejuvinated at least once a year and remember Spring is in the air.   We also know all cats are different , tbut the one thing in common is this…absolutely nobody owns a cat, the fact is, they own us .   Cats can't be trained so they say, but very definitely can and will  train us.  So, we as feline pet parents defintiely need to get on board and what better time than the beginning of Spring!