Yummy Chummies Alaskian Salmon Gourmet Cat Treats

As a pet parent, I'm always on the hunt for great healthy cat treats and this one looks really good to me…Yummy Chummies Gourmet Alaskian Salmon Cat Treats…now, that a mouth full and I bet your cats will not be able to wait to get a mouth full of these delicious treats… what kitty cat wouldn't be begging for an Alaskian Salmon treat, but we'll let your furry friend be the judge of it.

Did you know, that nutrition experts are discovering what native Alaskans have known for hundreds of years, that salmon is high in protein, vitamins, and mineral content, salmon are also an excellent source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids…hmmm, very interesting.

So it defintietly makes sense to treat your kitties with these Wild Alaka Salmon treats, not only because it's salmon but because they're healthy also…and healthy is what should always be on the menu.  So why not give them a try…you won't be sorry.

These made in U.S.A. treats are made by Artic Paws…I happened upon them on jefferspet.com, but I'm sure they can be purchased in sevral different places.  Enjoy!