Wysong Au Jus Canine / Felines Diet

 This product caught my eye recently, when I was looking for a healthy wet food as a change of pace for my dogs.  In between their healthy dry food filled with turkey, berries and lots of good stuff, I give them some pumpkin, bananas, carrots and a variety of other fresh fruits and veggies, which they have learned to enjoy. 

 One or two of the reasons Wysong caught my eye is that it is made in the USA at Wysong manufacturing facilities with ingredients from USDA and FDA approved domestic sources…very important.  The other thing that I like,  is that there wasn't a huge list of stuff under the ingredients section, just one or two. also very important.

 The Wysong Au Jus Canned Diets contain no grains, fillers, synthetic or artificial preservatives – no artificial anything!  For me, I want to give my dogs lots of healthy alternatives.  This Wysong is a good start and perfect for both dogs and cats.

 Check out their large selection of dog and cat dry and wet foods along with treats and other various healthy products.

 Remember, this is just an alternative choice to what you are feeding your pets now and may not be a good one for all our boys and girls, but it's always worth a try…I feel we can always do better. 

 Wysong offers an Intro Pack with a little bit of everything to see what your buddy likes, before you buy a whole slew of it…another great idea.   

Check out the site, Wysong.net, it's very informative and all their products are available there. / SHOP NOW