Wool Ball for Dogs

Wool has been around forever and I know there are lots of products out there, made of wool like clothing, blankets, rugs to name a few, but I found they can also make these cool Wool Balls for Dogs too.  Why?…you ask. well let me tell you about these particular wool balls.

These Wool Balls for Dogs smell of sheep and meadow air and remind your dogs of the great outdoors for one thing.  These organic wool balls are also a perfect play toy for dogs who have problems with their teeth or have already lost some teeth and they are not able to use hard surfaced balls.  The Wool Ball for Dogs, are also perfect for low sight dogs because of their outdoorsy smell that will attract them.

These Organic Wool Dog Ball by Perfect Play are made from small family farms all over the USA.  These durable wool balls are hand formed from sustainably produced dye-free wool which has only been processed with gentle non-toxic soaps. 

Machine Washable, when it comes out wet, roll in between your hands for a few minutes, machine or air dry.

The Wool Dog Balls come in several different sizes, from Small to Jumbo, so check out perfectplay.com for the right size for your dog.

They are also available at perfectplay.com and range from $4.95 to $13.95.