Whole Life Tail MIx Grilled Sirloin Burger Treat for Dogs

Probably wondering why I write alot about pet treats. The reason being, is that I've already picked the healthy, nutricious made in U.S.A. dog food that my dogs eat everyday and every night, day in and day out.  So the question is, how do I keep them from being bored and my answer is simply to give them a variety of different treats in between from fruits to nuts, veggies and of course meats that will keep their palate happy. 

So today I'm featuring this Whole life Tail Mix Grilled Sirloin Burger Treat for Dogs….catchy name. What I like about them is that they have one ingredient and one ingredient only…100% Beef Sirloin that's sourced and made here in the U.S.A…So what's not to like.  Healthy and wholesome and good eatin'.

These treats are made with freeze dried pure mini beef sirloin burgers so the flavor, aroma and nutrition is preserved inside the treat! They are grain and gluten free and contain no fillers or additives. USDA, certified hormone free ground beef sirloin is used…sounds really good and healthy to me.

You can find these mouth watering ( that's how your dogs will feel), treats on many sites or pet stores or at whoelifepets.com.  Don't let your pups miss out on these yummy savory bites.  Enjoy!