What Odor

 If you have a litter box cat, which I'm sure lots of you out there in kittyland do, I know keeping cat odor out of the litter box and house in general, can be a very challenging job…been there done that.  I feel lots of people who love cats don't adopt them or even keep them for long, just for that reason…well let's try to remedy that, read on.

 It looks like “What Odor” made by What Products, may be just the right product for that cat odor challenge. This light, citrus-scented odor eliminating spray is made with 100 percent essential oils and water and is100% eco-friendly and so safe you can drink it.

 According to their experts, when you mix these together, it changes the molecular breakdown of the odor. It’s like a tiny experiment going on every time you spray.

 You aren’t just masking the smell with a fragrant spray…because lilac summer breeze is not really all that much better than cat pee or poop smell, if you know what I mean.

 Not just good for pet areas, you can also spray gym bags, diaper pales, etc…OMG, if it gets rid of that smell also, we have a winner.   This pump spray is also safe to spray on rugs and furniture, but keep in mind it is only used to remove odors, not stains. , you'll need “What Stain” for that.

 What Odor price start at $3.99 to $59.99 / SHOP NOW