Welcome to Tree Hugging Pets!

So, what is Tree Hugging Pets, you might ask? This website is your one-stop source for all “green, natural, eco-friendly” pet products, including food, treats, toys, beds and more.

When my 10 year old cat Stormy (pictured left) started to get sick in May 2008, I started doing research online about pet foods and treats that we give our furry family members every day. I was horrified to find out what was in most of the regular name brand foods that are sold at the local grocery store. But it was also difficult to figure out what good stuff to feed and where to find it. There was so much information scattered from one website to the next. And keeping track of it all was difficult to do.

We lost Stormy to brain cancer on June 25, 2008. A week earlier, we took in a stray cat who setup camp on our backyard patio sometime in late May. A day after bringing her into our home, she gave birth to 5 kittens. Unfortunately only 1 of them survived. It was a rough June for our family to say the least. However at the same time, we welcomed two new beautiful babies into our home. Misty and her son Twister. They joined our other kids, Windy, a 3 year old grey and white short haired kitty and Dew Drop, a 10 month old Black-Tri Mini Aussie puppy. In November 2008, we adopted the very last of our brood. A 4 month old Red-Tri Mini Aussie named Frosty.

As a Pet-Mom to 5 little ones (four under 3 years of age), I want to give them the very best. While I will never know if the food I fed Stormy or the clay clumping dusty litter he used every day of his life caused the cancer, I need to make sure that what we give Windy, Dew Drop, Misty, Twister and Frosty will be healthy and all-natural. It is the very least we can do.

Tree Hugging Pets was born because of Stormy. Without having been through losing him, I might never have realized what we were doing to all of our kids. I want to help other Pet-Parents easily find information about all-natural food and eco-friendly pet products without getting frustrated or knowing where to look. I hope this site helps you find the information you need to make good choices for your furry family members.