Wacky Worm

This is one worm you'll love to see your pup playing with. It's called the Wacky Worm by West Paw Design.  What I like about thisWacky Worm is that it is squeakless and free of any fill.  Sure, my dogs have lots of toys with fill and squeakers, they love them…but are always on a mission to destroy until they get the squeaker and stuffing out…fun for them, not so much for me as I follow the trail of stuffing through the house.

This Wacky Worm is a tug toy made of soft corduroy material and expands because there is elastic securely sewn inside..  It stretches a long, long way and you and your pup will have lots of fun tugging with you. 

This made in Montana, USA tug toy will worm it's way into your dogs heart…however if your doggie is a huge chew hound, I do not recommend this toy for them, as this is not a chew toy.  If he's not a big chewer, be prepared for a whole lot of tugging fun in the future.

Available at westpawdesign.com and several different sites, Wacky Worm also comes in papaya color, so have a peek.  Enjoy!