Savory Sirloin Hip & Joint Hip & Joint Topper

Let's face it,  as we get older our bodies start to hurt in alot of different place, usually starting with our hips and joints.  Don't think about it much when your young, while we're running, jumping, cycling, lifting and wearing those spike heels. No, we don't think about it until those first pangs of pain.   You think to yourself,( I know I do),  should have listened to my mother about those spike heels, but what could she possibly know about that…right?  

Well, unfortunately these same aches and pains happen to our dogs as they get older because of all the running and jumping they did.   Or, maybe a better idea is to start giving them somethiing before they get older to avoid this, especially if your breed of dog is prone to hip and joint problems.  

VitaGravy +plus Hip & Joint All Natural Gravy by HealthPro Nutrition is not only healthy but also made right here in the USA.  It's great to sprinklle on top of your dogs kibble, as directed of course.  It can't hurt and hopefully will keep them healthier and feeling good.

As a previous owner of a rescued senior dog, we gave our dog Hip & joint products regularly and it definitely impacted the way she felt as far as moving about. It's worth a try to check this one out.

VitaGravy +plus Hip and Joint Savory Steak Formula Dog Topper, not only gives your dog great taste, but also heaping helpings of joint nutrients, which you can check out on

Add the Vitagravy & Hip Savory Sirloin Formula Dog Food Topper to any healthy dry dog food and your barking buddy will think you whipped up a steak just for him or her.  If for some reason your dog does not enjoy steak, (hard to belive), or you want to mix it up, this also comes in Roast Chicken flavor.

So why not promote overall wellness, strong bones and joint mobility with this healthy daily yummy multivitamin.  The 8 oz. pouch has a screw top for easy pouring and storing in refrig.  They  are available on  and other sites for about $4.95 a pouch, depending on where you prefer to shop.  Enjoy!