Twigloo Twig House

Okay, so here's the deal.  I'm a pet lover of dogs and cats and I mostly write about eco-friendly, organic foods, treats and products about them…but I have been made aware of the fact that not everyone has dogs or cats, but instead have smaller pets that are kept in tanks and cages for their smaller kids.  So once in awhile, I will write about some eco-friendly or healthy product for the much, much smaller guys.

Since it's the end of the school year, I bet someone was selected to take home the class pet or maybe they just asked mom or dad if they could have a pet of ther own.  What better way to teach kids how to be responsible about the care of a pet, by starting them off with a smaller pet, before they move on to dogs or cats…plus learn about all the eco-friendly and healthy organic products out their for them.

I found this Small Pet Hideout Twigloo Twig House and thought it was so cute.  It is made of a renewable source and a perfect hideout for hamsters, gerbils and more…100 percent hand woven willow and safe for small pets, perfect for nibbling on.   Twigiloo comes in two different sizes depending on what little furry friend you have so check out the chart at where you will find it along with informative info.

Whether your small pet prefers to use it for burrowing deep into bedding, holing up inside a hutch, or taking cover in a large toy, he hides for security and solace and this is  important to make him feel safe and secure.  They really are alot of fun to watch also.  Enjoy!