Tuckered Out for Cat Bed

We all know there are lots and lots of dog and cat beds and mats out there…that's no surprise.  Our pets definitely need more than one mat or bed.  I know I have several scattered around various rooms of the house, where they like to hang out and also have two in the car.  All are slightly different and they like to sleeping at different times in them, depending on their mood.

This one caught my eye for two reasons…one because of the rounded shape that most of our four-legged buddies like to sleep in and two, because the front is flat and easier for older, smaller cats and kitties or older smaller dogs or puppies to get into.  I know, I know, they call it The Tuckered Out for Cat Bed at West Paw, where they are designed and made, but really, don't you think it would work for both of our feline and canine friends…of course it would!

This popular Tuckered Out cat beds features two pillows, rounded rear bolster for more support, open flat front made with 100% recycled IntelliLoft® ( super soft fill made of recycled bottles), which foffers pillow-soft comfort, durable Berber fabric cover is soft and stylish, but also available in the referred eco-friendly hemp fabric.  Easy to wash because cover zips off and of course, handcrafted in the USA.  Entire bed is washer and dryer-friendly when you want to deep clean (covers and inner-pillows).  This versitile bed is available at westpawdesign.com  in four different colors and designs…Gravel Tiger / Gravel, Moss Chevron / Moss.Oatmeal / Chocolate and Rust / Chocolate….definitely something for everyone.  It also comes in two different sizes, small priced for $79.00 and medium priced at $109.00, a little pricey, but well worth it for our babies comfort and the reviews are great, so check it out.  Enjoy!!