Orbee Treat Spot Bulb Dog Toy

We'll Thanksgiving will be here and gone before yoou know it…and after that comes the words alot of us dread to hear…it's time to put up the outdoor lights…ugh!   Of course we love the lights once their up cause they look so pretty but it's still a job even though the lights today are easier to handle than the light used long ago and pictured here.

However, I bet your pup would like this clunky shaped OrbeeTreat Spot Bulb Dog Toy by Planet Dog, designed like lights they had years ago, especially if there 's a delicious treat in them.

So, while your having fun putting up the lights, (ha,ha), why not keep your buddy busy having some fun of his own, trying to get to his treats…sounds like a smart idea to me.

This non-toxic, recyclable and made in the U.S.A, treat toy comes in either green or red, plus two different sizes, 6.5″ or 4.25″, (on several sites), erfect for many of our four-legged freinds.  Only you can decide which is best for your pup.  So, remember your buddies when you drag out those lights, this year and have a couple of these Orbee Treat Bulbs ready for them, so they can join in and have some fun of their own too.  Enjoy!