The Whole World Pet Tag

Your dogs heart is as big as the world and filled with lots of kisses and licks, so why not let the world know how much they care, with The Whole World Dog Tag, made by Dog Tag Art… After all, the world belongs to them too. 


This dog tag is custom created from 100% recycled steel core, made in the USA and is certified to last a Lifetime.  Dog tags come in sizes large or small, but if you don't want your dog to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, then check out the huge assortmant of Nature and Eco-friendly tags.

Here's a few of my favorites…Tall Tree Pet ID Tag, Go Green Pet ID Tag, Recycled Pet Name Tag or Time in The Garden.

Ahhh come on, think I'd forget about all you cat lovers…these tags will be perfect for your furry little kitties also!  Check out, Cats are People Too!, ID Tag Kitty Close Up Cat  and Ninja Kitty Pet ID Tag and the choices go on and on.

If you can't find one you like you can create and Custom Design your own, not a problem.

Tags are Priced $11.99 | SHOP NOW