The Take (Japanese for Bamboo) Freestanding Pet Gate

We all have something we want to keep our dogs away from now and then during the course of the day….maybe the stairs, your home ofiice or just plain out of the kitchen when your eating a meal,(nothing more annoying than a dog begging for food).  Well this product may be the perfect solution.  The Také (Japanese for bamboo) Freestanding Pet Gate by Richell made for small to medium dogs in mind, who could not push it out of place.

The gate was designed exclusively by Richell Corporation, Japan but made in their Texas USA facility.  This is made of durable, renewable, eco-friendly bamboo, with a beautiful wooden design that looks great with most decor while the light weight construction makes it easy to pick up and place where you need it. The freestanding nature of this gate protects your walls while the rubber feet protect your floors.

The low height of this gate is designed to allow you to step over the gate while the side panels prevent it from being tipped over. The dimensions 40.4 – 70.5″ L x 20.1″ W x 24” H and designed to fit doorway or hallway openings from 40.4″ to 70.5″ wide with 1 ¼” space between wire slats,  Wire is 7 Gage or 0.144.

This gate is available on several different sites so check out the best one for you. I found this on for $129.95 and free shipping. It may seem a little pricey for a gate, but it's a great investment for you and your pup, and some other sites also offer free shipping, so check it out.  Enjoy!!!