The Sticks-Twiggy

  Once upon a few decades ago, there was a very, very thin model named Twiggy.  Maybe, you've heard of her.

  Well fast forward, cause now there is The Sticks-Twiggy all pretty in pink ready to play some catch and fetch…boy how time flies.

 This oh so cute catch and fetch toy is eco-friendly and made of recycled rubber and  has a handy grip and slobber resistant string for throwing…how'd they know my dog slobbers? 

Now if your anything like me,I would add a longer string (eco-friendly of course), to reel it in, just in case my little darling couldn't or maybe wouldn't return it to me all the time….makes sense, yes.

 The stick is non toxic, floats in water,has eyes that glow (in case your still searching for it in the dark),and best of all is splinter free, so your doggy won't get hurt.

Okay, so your wondering about the boys using The Stick-Twiggy all pretty in pink…well guess what, there's also something for them.  Check out The Sticks-Woody in hunky green…a sure winner for the boys.

These eco-friendly Sticks, Twiggy and Woody are made by Doog and available there also.  Remember, these sticks are made for catch and fetch only and not a chewing toy.

The Sticks Twiggy is price at $16.95 / SHOP NOW

The Sticks-Woody is priced at $16.95 / SHOP NOW