The Pet Advent Calendars

Ever wonder when and where the use of an Advent Calendar began and why.   Well December 1st is almost  here and that means the beginning of the Advent Calendar.  Now I know these calendars are mostly used for kids…but hey, aren't our furry babies our kids too?  

Of course they are.  

So, in honor of the Advent Calender and the beginning of the days leading up to the 25th of December, here are six great ideas for an Eco-Friendly Pet Advent Calendars to have ready our four legged friends.

Now the calendars below can definitely be used for both doggies or kitties.  Whether you decide to make one or buy one, we hope the calenders below will do the trick in helping you decide what type to use this year. 


Christmas Doggie Wreath  Advent Calendar in a wreath shape that could easily be made for either a dog or cat.  All you need is any ype of  wreath base, some ribbon and treats that could easily be attached withsome hot glue or ribbon. Numbers one to twenty four can be written in magic marker along side of treat.

Christmas Tree with Numbered Stockings   This Advent Calender can be bought, but take a closer look at the picture.  All you need to make this is some green felt for the tree and the little stocksing are available at most craft stores.  Place the number on the stockings, hot glue them on , and sew a loop for haning on top and there you have it.  Fill with your pets favorite treat.

Advent Calender for Pets  Perfect for pets with instructions to follow, but also great for kids and adults too., you decide…or make one for both the the dog, the cat and the kids…whew! better get bus, alrhough this square Advent Calendar seems fairly easy.

Pet Treat Advent Calendar  This is a great deal if  lack of time is a factor. This is a “while supplies last” item at a really, really  reasonable price if making  an Advnt Calendar is not an option… so hurry and check it out.

String it Up Pet Advent Calendar  This Ad vent Calendar can be bought…but why.  This is so simple and can be done withn the hour.  Remember how your folks hung there Christmas cards all over the place, well this is the same concept.  Hand a string on the wall, fireplace mantle, doorways  etc.  Then either hang small lunch bagss (folded over and stapled), felt stocking , pouches (that you either made or bought), or anything in felt or paper.  Make a paw print, or not, then number them with a glittery marker and string them up.  Simple and easy and fun.

Pet Advent Calendar Jar This is super simple.  Originally made a pet hedgehog, but perfect for a dog or cat also.  All you need is a jar, a calendar from last month for the numbers and some treats and imagination…now .how hard can that be. 

So, there you have a few cute ideas for your Eco-friendly Pet Advent Calendar.  Easy simple stuff that just about anyone can make the Eco-Friendly way and two that can be purchased.  So let's begin December by letting your pets join in some family fun that goes along with the Advent Calendar.  You'll be glad you did and so will your furry loved one!