The Big Shrimpy Whisker Wide Bowl

Have a cat with long whiskers struggling to eat food or water, from a regular size bowl?   Or, maybe you have two cat and have a few bowls out for feeding and drinking.  Well  check  out The Big Shrimpy-Whisker-Wide-Bowl, made by Big Shrimpy.   This beautiful bowl will make it easier for our furry friends because of its wide and shallow design.

This eco-friendly,100% recycled glass dish has a wonderful wide rim that will keep food or water in the bowl and not on the floor…making less clean-up, I'm already liking this.

Also, perfect for two cats, since this dish measures 5″ long x 7″ wide.   For cat lovers with more than two cats…I tip my hat to you for that…but I think you will need more than one big shrimpy dish.. 

This made in the USA sleek and modern Big Shrimpy-Whisker-Wide-Bowl comes in two very nice shades of smoke, (pictured), and sea green.  Find these food safe  and dishwasher safe bowls at Dog Beds and Crates.

Big Shrimpy-Wide-Whisker-Bowl priced at $24.95 / SHOP NOW