Stuff N’ Fetch

If you’re still trying to tame a young pet’s wild ways, check out this Stuff N' Fetch training toy from Katie's Bumpers.

Made from recycled pre-consumer fire hose material, the Katie's Bumpers, Stuff N’ Fetch is great for teaching your pet to come, fetch, hold, carry and recognize scents. Simply fill with treats or scent, toss it and call your pooch back for a reward.

To use the Stuff 'N Fetch simply fill with treats or scent, toss it, and call your dog back for a reward. Velcro closure makes it easy to access. Intended as an interactive play toy and not as a chew toy. 

This Stuff N' Fetch is durable but not chew proof, (so please put away till next play date), machine washable and air dry,  It also has no metal or squeakers and made in the USA…of course.  Katie's Bumpers are available on several sites and in several different colors, so check out which one you like best.  Also check out all these neat items made by Katie's Bumpers.  I think your gonna like them.  Enjoy!