Store-n-Feed Adjustable Pet Feeder

Here's an adjustable feeder that grows with your pets. This Store-N-Feed Adjustable Pet Feeder provides a healthy, comfortable feeding position and features a unique self-watering system to keep water fresh. Spill ridge keeps food and water off the floor. 

Great for pups and kitties who are still growing and medium and large breed dogs because its adjustable height improves digestion, posture, feeding comfort for all including seniors because it reduces the level of stress on joints.  The feeder provides clean, safe, fresh storage of dry food, bones, treats or toys, making it ideal for traveling also.

Both bowls are stainless steel making them safe to eat and drink from.  Each one holds 1qt each and we know stainless steel is easy to clean.  Made here in the USA., of course, this feeder comes in two sizes, large for all the big boys and girls and small for the smaller boys and girls, so absolutely no one is left out…just the way we like it!  You can check it out  at Enjoy!