Smelly Cat

We all dislike smelly doggie breath about as much as we dislike a Smelly Cat litter boxes and yes, even kittie bad breath.  Never think much about a cat having bad breath but the fact of the matter is that they can also have the dreaded bad breath.  That's where Smelly Cats Chews come in by Pet Naturals Of Vermont. These Smelly Cat fun shaped chews will not only keep keep their breath smelling nice but the litter box will also be smelling better too and here's why.

The Smelly Cat formula is designed to freshen breath and reduce fecal odor and also helps clean the blood.  Smelly Cat is unique because it includes Champigon Mushrooms which has been extensively studied for its ability to surpress odor causing chemicals in the intestines that causes flatulens,  which then produces smelly litter boxes….if you know what I mean…if you don't, It's called smelly poopy. 

So just give you kitty two of these chews a day and you will be creating better intestines that will lead to better smelling poopy and breath.  It's all intertwined together into one working system…and the rewiews of this product are favorabley very good.  If your having a problem with smelly cat breath and flatulens that leads to smelly poopy in the litter box, maybe these chews are for your kitties.  Enjoy!