SmartCat Organic Kitty’s Garden

 Are your indoor cats chewing up all of your houseplants? Indulge their instinct to chew on grass with a pot of wheatgrass, oat, rye or barley.

 One good choice is the SmartCat Kitty’s Organic Garden, a kit that contains a pot, peat moss soil and 100% organic seeds of oats, wheat, rye and barley.  The garden grows in 4 to 6 days and ready to give your indoor kitty lots of good stuff they need…even if you don't have a green thumb, this looks like something so easy to grow..

 The SmartCat Organic Kitty's Garden is the purrr-fect treat for your favorite cat. Loaded with vitamins, The SmartCat Organic Kitty's Garden will help your cat's digestive system, prevent hairballs and provide mental and physical stimulation so your cat stays nice and healthy.,,your cat may not need a shrink after all.

 It will also provide a much tastier alternative variety of plants for chewing than your household plants, some of which may be toxic for your cat…and that could be very serious.  Can't have anything happening to our little furry friends, that's for sure.  This cat garden comes in a sturdy wood box to help prevent your cat from knocking it over.

 The SmartCat Kitty's Organic Garden is avaiable at Only Natural Pet along with refills …make life easier, keep an extra one close by.

 SmartCat Kitty's Organic Garden is Priced at $9.99 / SHOP NOW