Smart n” Tasty Little Duckies with Pumpkin Dog Treat

Well here I go again with a new Pumpkin Treat.  This one is called Smart n' Tasty Little Duckies with Pumpkin Dog Treat.  Now, you may think these are too little for your pet but I find I like the smaller treats better because,  if you are a big treat giver like I am. a smaller treat keeps them happy and rewarded, but also helps keep their wieght down, very important for most breads.

I think mixing it up with a variety of different treats is a great idea and these treats are a great way to start.  Afterall, most of us love hamburgers and ice cream but we don't want it everday…boring!

These all natural tasty treats are perfect for training, or for use as an anytime snack. You will also love that they're made in the U.S.A. with all US sourced ingredients. They're made with 70% Indiana farm-raised duck meat and are grain, gluten, soy and dairy free. The Little Duckies with Pumpkin formula is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Smart n' Tasty Little Duckies treats use limited ingredients and are great for dogs with common food allergies. Contains approximately.

So, if you've never given your dogs duck before, nows a great time to introduce something a little different and keep some on hand in their treat cupboard just for a change of pace…they're gonna love these for sure.  These treats are available on many sites and pet stores for a very reasonable price for100 little treats per pack.  I found these on  Enjoy!