Sierra Sporty Dog Life Jacket

Well. summer is almost upon us and that means we'll more than likely be out or in the water, by the pool, beach or even boating out in the ocean and if you plan to take your four-legged friend with you, maybe you should take a look into a Life Jacket.

Even the best canine swimmers need a little help in cold or rough water or even in your backyard pool.  Check out this Sierra Sporty Dog Life Jacket, by Sierra Dog Suppy, for your little one because you can never be too cautious when it comes to your dogs safety. Protect on your boat, or anywhere around water for that matter with this life jacket.

Made with environmentally friendly, non-toxic foam, this doggie life jacket is extremely durable and recyclable.

Removable chin float helps keep your dog's nose out of the water. Waterproof zippers, tough Duraflex buckles and reflective trim is the perfect combination for long wear and safety.

This life Jackets come in six sizes, tea cup, xxs and xs, small, med and large and the measurements are listed.  Getting the correct size is exremely important. 

I found this particular jacket on Kool Dawg Tees, where they offer it in yellow also for all our male buddies, plus a larger variety of sizes. This is a must have if you and your dog spend alot of time by the water.   Enjoy!