Safe Paw Ice Melter

The cold weather is something most of us don't like, but the snow, ugh!, with the ice on the car, driveways and walkways, well that's a pain in the you know what.  So what do we do.  Lots of us throw some sort of salt deicer down or maybe cat litter that then needs to be swept up, right.

Did you now that throwing down abrasive salt products are not a safe solution for our pets and their paws…they're not even safe for our children and cement surfaces and of course not safe for the environment…a lose, lose in every respect.

That's when I found this Safe Paw Ice Melter.  It comes in an 8 pound jug or 35 pound jug depending on your needs. It may be a priced slightly higher than the “Other Stuff”, but what price do we put on the safety of our pets or kids and the damage of cement driveways and walkway repairs. I'm pretty sure of the answer to that.  Did I mention that it's not only environmentally safe but that it is also made in the U.S.A    It is also available online at several sites like, and more, so check it.   Enjoy!