Rocky Mountain HIgh

Did you know that catnip is a naturally grown member of the mint family and perfectly harmless to your cat….good to know right. 

Check out this burlap sack of 100% USDA Certified Organic Catnip called Rocky Mountain High…cute name and perfectly legal…yeah!

Plus, the catnip is home grown in the USA…always good to know, and made by West Paw Design.

For indoor cats, especially, catnip can be a very healthy addition to their lives…very interesting.

By ingesting catnip (up to one tablespoon per day), your indoor cat gets a bit of the greens she…or he needs to stay healthy that outdoor cats consume on their prowls.

Also, if your cat gets frisky when playing with catnip, it can also give her a bit more exercise to help keep her fit…here we go again with the excercise, whew!

Because these cute little sacks are not completely sealed it allows little bits of nip to come out, allowing you kitty to throughly enjoy, while playfully batting it…bet your cat will even use it as a head rest in between play.

These little sacks of happines come in five different colors…something for everyone.

Rocky Mountain High Catnip Sacks are priced at $8.00 / SHOP NOW