Roach Rod Cat Teaser Toy

Okay, so this is a disgusting sounding cat toy to you….but not for your cat….this  is just what the doctor ordered for your furry little friends.  Ask yoursef this, what cat wouldn't want to play with a Roach Rod Cat Teaser Toy?  What cat  doesn't want to play and swat  a big fat bug, especialy if it's filled with Certified Organic California grown catnip.  The answer is that all cats would simply love it!

This Roach Rod Cat Teaser Toy by Go Pet Design is made in Brooklyn New York, home of some of the biggest roaches, so they know exactly how to make and shape them and make them look yummy for your kitty…but have no fear, this roach is eco-friendly and handmade from top to bottom with 100% recycled felt and filled with some heavenly Organic Grown catnip…completley healthy and safe for your little friend.

This roach is grey and measures 5″ long by 2.5″ wide and the rod which comes in six different colors of your choice and measures 12″ long.   From top to tippy bottom your cat will love to be teased into playing with the roach for many MEOW  happy hours.  The Roach Rod Cat Teaser Toy is available at for $12.00…an inexpensive investment for any feline pet.  Enjoy!