Wait up, did someone say Bully Sticks?

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to snatch up a few best bully sticks from @bestbullysticks.

Have you never heard of a Bully Stick? I didn’t know about them until I was looking for all-natural, healthy treats for the boys. And I was a little surprised to find out that a better alternative to raw hide was a bull’s penis. I mean, really? Oh yes, really.

Also known as pizzle sticks, beef pizzles and steer sticks, bully sticks are made out of one thing: beef penis


After I got over the fact that my dogs would be gnawing on some bull penis on my hardwood floors, I placed my first order. Both dogs flipped over them, just like a lot of the pet parents described on the dogster.com forums. I couldn’t believe how happy they were.

So when I had the chance to grab some more from @bestbullysticks I just could not refuse.

Both Frosty and The Dew thoroughly enjoyed their sticks. The 6″ is the perfect size for The Dew. He can’t eat it all in one sitting which makes the sticks last longer. Frosty of course tries to shove into his belly so that none of the other kids can get it.


I will make that happen one day my friend

These chews are 100% natural with no preservatives. Also, the one’s we received from bestbullysticks.com don’t smell at all. I heard some people talk about the smell and we’ve never noticed anything. They also come in a wide range of sizes for petite dogs to giants. I can’t guarantee that your dogs will love them but I have yet to hear about any that don’t.

Thanks ma

Thanks ma

Thanks so much @bestbullysticks, you sure know how to make our guys happy!