Tapioca Waste Bags

In our first Bark Box we received a box of Doggie Waste Bags from Eco-Dog Planet. These waste bags are made from the tapicoa plant, which is a NON-GMO product and also a renewable resource. The bags are light weight, but also very strong and durable. The bag will actually decompose faster when exposed to micro-organisms in soil and landfills.

But do they work for such a stinky job?  I've been using these bags for our new foster puppy, who is a 10 month old, 40 pound, australian shepherd.  To say that his poop is hefty would be an understatment.  I was concerned at first because I thought the smell from the poop might get through to my hand or that the bags might leak.  Not a chance. These stood up to some hefty jobs over the past few weeks. 

The Doggie Waste Bags are high quality and an effective solution to picking up the poop, without using plastic. We've since finished up the box we received and will definitely be ordering some more.