Review: Cabin Cat Playhouse

I was drawn to this rustic cat cabin playhouse because it's made out of recycled cardboard. We all know how much cats love cardboard boxes, so why not spruce those up a bit with a fun and “last frontier-esque” style.

The Cabin Cat Playhouse by SUCK UK was available on FAB.COM (4 left as of this writing) so I scooped one up and it arrived about a week ago. (they also have a Tee-Pee)

After getting everything out of the box, it took my brain about 3-4 minutes to figure out how everything folded together. Full assembly took about 10 minutes, and it probably could have been less if I didn't have 3 dogs trying to figure out what part of it was for them to play with. 

I put it in the cat room and then promptly forgot about it, as I was attending to 2 rescue puppies that I pulled from our county shelter. The next day I went to check it out, and my husband had moved it on top of some other boxes when he was on litter duty.  What the hell? 

So I took it down and placed it on the floor in their room, plopped a Savvy Tabby Plush Catnip Cat Napper inside and left the room (no catnip needed). About 30 minutes later I checked to see if anyone had been investigating the new hidey place and sure enough…a big kitten was in it.

I thought it was going to be too small for them to get into it, but our largest cat (Twister, The Kitten – about 14 pounds) got all of his chub inside without any issue. Since then, I've found him in it a dozen times at least and when he's not bogarting the cabin, Windy has been seen napping inside too.  They are sharing like siblings do!

Overall, I'm really happy with this item.  I love the style and the fact that I can even draw on the sides and top and make it uniquely ours.  Two of the three cats seem to enjoy it as well.  Only time will tell how it holds up, but the cardboard is quite studry so I think it will last a long time. I'm really excited that they've shown interest in it, because I can't tell you how many times I've brought home other items that they wouldn't even look at.  Cats can be so difficult, but when it comes to cardboard, there seems to be no great love for them.  

Pick up yours on FAB.COM or directly from SUCK UK.