Lick’n Crunch Oven Baked Treats

We’re gonna just jump right on in. The other night I came across a new treat that caught my eye immediately. They look just like oreo cookies! And anything that looks like an oreo cookie shouldn’t be in the dog aisle, I thought. But I was wrong. These oven baked treats might look like scrumptious oreo cookies but they are made for dogs by Three Dog Bakery. We are big fans of Three Dog Bakery, since they are all about all-natural yummy treats for our canine pals.

Like most of the new treats I pick up for the dogs, I want to give them a try the moment I get home from the store. I was so excited when I opened the box and found that these cookies were served up the same way that oreos are. There is a three column tray which holds all the cookies inside. I grabbed two cookies and looked down at Frosty & Dewey who were already sitting and waiting for the goodness to hit their tongues. I twisted one a part, just like a real oreo and gave Frosty a lick. He gobbled up all the creamy middle and then proceeded to inhale the actual cookie.


Dewey was a little hesitant at first, with just a little lick here and a little lick there until the creamy vanilla filling came off the cookie and stuck to his tongue. It was good. Really good. He then proceeded to chew on each cookie wafer until every last little crumb was in his belly. I am sure that you can just toss these doggy oreos right at your pup and he or she will love them just the same.

The Lick’n Crunch are of course all natural with no added salt, no artificial flavors, colors or perservatives. And my husband said I better keep them out of the regular pantry because he might accidentally gobble one up during a late night snack run. They smell so good, noone would know they were made for dogs.

The ingredients include: wheat flour, evaporated can juice, canola oil, corn syrup, carob powder, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, peanut butter, baking soda, vanilla and lecithin.

To find a local store that carries Three Dog Bakery items, check out their store locator. You can also shop directly from their shop.