barkwheats dog biscuits

During the last BarkHunt event, we won a great prize from @barkwheats. A box of Seaveg & Chamomile biscuits and a box of Ginger & Parsley biscuits. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting two boxes of treats. One would have definitely been enough but to get two! Woooooohoooo!

So, before getting these, I hadn't really checked out barkwheats at all. If you've never heard of them, I would highly encourage you to take a look at their site and read what they are all about. Yeah, they make all-natural buckwheat dog biscuits which is awesome. But they also choose to get 95%of their ingredients from local farmers. And after all the yummy dog biscuits have been devoured (and they surely will be!) you can throw the packaging right into your composter. I don't know if I could love barkwheats more!

But, I don't get the final say. Frosty & The Dew are the final judge of course.

First we introduce the boxes of goodness…



Oh I think I'm gonna like what's in here

Oh I think I'm gonna like what's in here


Then we follow it up with a wee bit of torture, for good measure (hey! they're working dogs and enjoy friendly torture)

You better give me a cookie after embarassing me like this

You better give me a cookie after embarassing me like this

It's time to present the cookie. And they know it's gonna be good.



Am I doing it right, mama?

Am I doing it right, mama?

After all that hard work and patience they finally give 'em a try.

The Dew is very polite and carefully grabs the cookie.

I'm gonna swallow this biscuit whole

Once I get it in my mouth, I'm gonna swallow it whole. bwhahhahahhahah

And then we have Frosty. Frosty the crazy red dog…

You said

You said “go” right?

As I was giving Frosty his cookie, The Dew began choking…the choke that means “I ate it so fast because I want you to give me another one right this very instant”! He is fine of course. I know he loves a treat when he chokes it down. ;)

Thanks for the great treats @barkwheats!