Rain Paw Eco-Friendly Raincoat

Well hear we go again, another rainy day here in N. C. and one of my dogs absolutely hates going out in it, wether its's a drizzle or downpour.  It really makes for a difficult time for both of us.  After just about a week of this, I'm getting alot frustrated and decided to hunt for and found this Eco-Friendly Rain Paw Dog Raincoat.

This all-season, all-weather waterproof raincoat looks like the practical solution I've been looking for.  It's a stretchy waterproof top coat featuring recycled polyester fabric, a light mesh lining in cute contrast colors, vivd shell colors for easy visibility and extra bright reflective piping for nighttime safety. 

The raincoat is not only eco-friendly but it also has no zippers or seams, is highly adjustable for a great fit, easy to put on and off and is machine wasable…sounds good, right?

Besides the recycled polyester fabric, the raincoat is Oeko-Tex certified, sewn in the USA and the packaging and hangtags are also made of recycled materials.

This particular eco-friendly raincoat comes in three colors, the yellow that's pictured, red and of course pink for all the divas.  There are a couple of other eco-friendly raincoats out there so check them out to see which is for your boy or girl.  The one you see here is available at earthdoggy.com and I also liked the cute All Season eco-friendly raincoats at motleymutt.com…you can decide which you like best.  Also, both sites have a size chart, so follow the guidlines for the best fit.  Enjoy!!!