Pumpkin Gingrrs

You know, tomorrow is the first day of October and that means for the next two months one of the most important popular thing your going to see to eat  is guess what….Pumpkin…so between now and then I will try to find some delicious and healthy treats for all our four-legged frineds out there, because pumpkin in any shape or form is rxtremely good for our pets.

I found these Pumpkin Gingrrs by The Lazy Dog Cookie Co., a company that believes your dog deserves the best!

Using beneficial ingredients and healthy organic grains their assortment of Treat them with Love Cookies (pumpkin is just one of them), are not only a treat for your buddies that are sure to be delicious, but are also naturally nutritious. Free from wheat, corn, soy, meat products, egg, dairy, salt, sugar and preservatives they are just good wholesome treats you can feel good about giving your pups cause we love so much.

These treats are made from Crunchy Wheat-Corn-Soy Free Recipe, Organic Healthy grains, along with Organic Oat Flour, Barley Flour, Cane Molasses, Canola Oil, Pumpkin, (antioxident rich pumpkin oven backed in every bite), tapioca, ground ginger & sodium bicarbonate….and the plus is not only that they are only 20 calories for about two cookies but they are also made here in the USA, just the way we like it!

Their dog Hazel, rescued as a puppy back in 2004 is  pictured on the bag and she has this to say “Real ginger helps my belly stay in real tip top shape”. so why not do the same for your guys.

These amazing Pumpkin Gingrrs Treats are available at lazydogcookiescom and quite a few other sites at very reasonable prices and as always the choice of where to shop is whatever works best for you…but more important, is that you give these a treats a try.  If you've never given your pet pumpkin, it's time to give it a try.  Your babies will be so thankful that you did.  Enjoy!