Prnguin & Puppy Penguin

You know, even Penguins need to get out from the cold and into a warm stocking hanging from a fireplace once a year, especially if they have their little bitty Puppy Penguin to think about.

Not only does this adorable pair of Penguin & Puppy Penguin want  a warm home at your place, but your very own pups are anxiously awaiting their arrival, with promises of lots of happy playtime in store for all.

What's not to like about this toy.  What  pup wouldn't be excited about this Penguin & Pupppy Penguin toy, afterall they're made & hand sewn by West Paw Design, an eco-friendly company that make this loveable toy right here in Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A. 

So, you don't even have to go out in the cold or crowded stores for this perfect stocking gift,  Just go to and make this one of the cutest fun gift ever for your puppies this holiday season.  Oh, by the way, they come in two different sizes to accomodate  any size doggy and his stocking.. Happy shopping. Enjoy!