Poinsettias~Pretty but Dangerous for Pets

This is the season for giving and getting or decorating the house with Pointsettia.  As beautiful as this Pointsettia Plant is, please remember that it can be very dangerous to your cats and dogs if chewed on or eaten.

If your a pet parent and I assume you are or why would you be reading this, please, please read up on this lovely, beautiful …but possibly dangerous plant that could make your canine and feline buddies sick if ingested.  Some say they will get sick, some say no…I say why take a chance.

If you have friends who are also a pet family, mention this to them as they may not even know this and you may save one from being very ill. I'm sure they'll appreciate the info.

Maybe some of you have pets that would never go near this plant but I have a dog that definitely would and no matter how high you place this plant, if your a cat family, your cat will get at it.

So let's have a healthy and happy holiday for ourselves and our pets and just admire and enjoy looking at these beautiful plants from a distance or at the mall, church, TV talk or soaps shows where they are always displayed so beautifully.  Thanks for listening. Enjoy!