Plato Sweet Potato Strips Dog Treats

So I ask you…who doesn't like the farmers market with all their fresh veggies and fruit.  If your one of those folks who enjoy healthy fruits and veggies from the farmers market for your family, then I know that you'll want the same for your pups. because tthey're your family too.

I bet by now you know that certain veggies and fruits are my absolute favorites to give my two pups…the job for me is to find those certain fruits and veggies made healthy yet differently from each other, so my pups aren't always getting the same ole, same ole.

We know how healthy sweet potatoes are for our dogs and these Plato Farmers Market Sweet Potato Strip Dog Treats look like a pretty good choice because they are slow-roasted, giving them a wonderful taste that your doggies will not be able to resist and enjoy having them added to their regular rotation of healthy and nourishing doggie treats.

These made of just good old sweet potates, here in the goof old USA,  Plato Farmers Market Sweet Potato Strip Dog Treats deserve to be tried and if your pup goes crazy for them…well then, it's time to make some room in the doggie treat cupboard fot them.  Available on several sites.   Enjoy!