Plant Dog Cozy Hemp Harness

We all love to walk our doggies and they love to be walked.  Lots of us just use a collar and chain and that's ok for a short distance like from house to car or vet kind of thing.  But when we really want to walk the dog it's best to use a harness for both safety and comfort.  Of course, we have to buy the right harness.

This particular harness by Planet Dog and coincidentally called Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Harness features Eco-Friendly Hemp and Fleeced Lined for comfort under your buddies belly of course, for easy on and off.

Oh for sure there are lots and lots of harnesses out there, it's just more difficult to find an Eco-Friendly, comfortable harness that doesn't come in just one tiny size, but rather in multiple sizes for both big and small boys and girls with a nice selection of different colors. They are also machiine washable and air dry.

So if you want a Choke Free, Safe Free, Escape Free walk with your dog that make it a Stress Free experience for both of you, consider this Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Harness.  You'll be happy you did. Enjoy!