Oblong Pin Brush

If your dog looks anything like this beautiful black dog, and you like to groom him yourself instead of sending him to a groomer, then you will more than likely need a really good brush at grooming time and I found this eco-friendly Oblong Pin Brush just for you.

Located in the USA, Olive is dedicated to bringing the very best in a high quality, environmentally friendly  products to us and this Pin Brush is one of these products.  

Made in Germany, this brush is designed specifically for medium to long coats, whether single or double coated and is especially recommended for curly, wooly coats as well as finer more fragile dog coats.   

This 8″ brush features 1″ steel pins that penetrate into the coat and is designed to allow pins to rotate with tangles, which reduces any pulling or discomfort for your dog.  The wooden handle is ergonomically shaped to reduce stress on hands and arms.

Olive has several different style brushes and combs depending on your needs and the type of furry friend you might have, but there is something for everyone, so take the time to check it out… grooming or just brushing your own dog with the proper tools is a nice way to really bond with him or her and can be enjoyable and relaxing for both of you…I guarentee it… and so does Olive.