Pets Go Green for Earth Day

Earth Day is here!!  If you and your pet have already gone green or are just navigating ways to incorporate green alternatives into your life with your pets, we've got a list of 6 super easy ways to Go Green with your dog or cat.

Shop Green

One of the reasons we started this site was to curate eco-friendly and all natural products for pets. This is one of the simplest ways to be eco-conscious.  Not only should we be thinking about products we buy for ourselves, but also those we purchase for our beloved furry babies. When shopping for shampoos, choose options that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate like Organic Oscars Shampoo & Conditioner. For wearables, like collars and harnesses, think hemp like Plant Dog's Cozy Hemp Harness or The Good Dog Company's Kitty Hemp Collar. For beds, choose options that avoid plastic or use recycled PET plastic like Better Buddies Donut Bed or skip the filled beds, and get a Molly Mutt Duvet, which you can stuff with old items you have around the house, like sheets, towels and even old clothes. And of course, toys…there are so many eco-friendly toys now on the market, that it's easy to find one or five that your dog or cat will cherish — mine love their Orbee Tuff Balls!

Poop Pickup

The simple act of picking up your dog's poop multiple times a day is filling landfills with plastic bags that can take decades to decompose. Not cool, but it's equally not cool to not pick up the poop. There are now quite a few alternatives to those nasty plastic bags.  For instance, Tapioca Waste Bags which are made from the tapioca plant, which is a NON-GMO plant and also a renewable resource. Earth 1, Poop 0.

Let us not forget kitty either. We're scooping up cat poop at the same rate as dog poop, and the bad-for-kitty clay litter – not only is the clay strip-mined, but there are so many nasty chemicals added that it's harmful to the environment but also your favorite feline. Switch to an environmentally friendly alternative like Swheat Scoop or Yesterday's News.


Did you know that common cat and dog foods that you find in the grocery store are filled with corn fillers and leftover meat by-product that is not safe for human consumption, but people dole it out to their pets every day.  You are what you eat. So is your pet.

Feed organic or grain-free pet food for optimal health and well-being.  Overall, these types of foods will be minimally processed, leaving the needed nutrients in the food and then in your pet. Skip any food with artificial colors or additives, and be sure that the first 5 ingredient do not contain a “meat by-product” or filler, like corn. We love The Honest Kitchen and feed it to our entire menagerie. 

Spring Cleaning

I've got the bug for sure. I'm going through all of our closets and cabinets and getting rid of the things we don't need or use. Old blankets, towels, linens, pet toys, litter boxes, pet beds, bowls, leashes/collars and other items can be donated to your local shelter. And for other gently used items, take them down to Goodwill instead of tossing them in the trash.

Ditch the chemicals

We've all been there. I'm there right now with a 4 month old puppy who gets a little too excited and leaks all over the floor.  Skip the bleach, or other harsh chemicals and reach for a homemade batch of Vinegar & Baking Soda Spray.

What you'll need:

  1. 2 cups white distilled vinegar
  2. 2 cups of lukewarm water
  3. 4 generous tablespoons of baking soda
  4. Spray bottle

Before spraying, try to get up as much of the mess as possible – use an old rag or two instead of paper towels (then just wash them out for reuse).  Once you get as much up as you can, spray the spot and let the solution sit for 5 minutes and then gently rub with a clean rag or towel. 

Easy peasy and safe for you and your pet.  If you aren't a fan of vinegar, there are plenty of other all natural alternatives you can whip up as well.

Adopt a Recycled Pet

I don't know if there is any better way to practice recycling, then by adopting a pet. 

Do you know what the number one killer of companion animals is? Euthanasia. Our shelters across the country are killing countless dogs and cats every day.  So if you are thinking about opening up your home to a new four legged friend, choose adoption. Go right to your local shelter and SAVE A LIFE!

If we all did just a few things every day, it would make such a large impact. It's never too late to start.