Petmate’s Hi-back Litter Pan

Let's face it cat litter boxes aren't the most exiting pet product and probably cleaning out a litter box is something we would love to avoid if we could.  But the bottom line is that we can't and cat lovers have come up with lots of different ways to deal with litter boxes from storage bins, plastic boxes and cardboard or even wood.boxes…even hooded litter boxes, so your cat has privacy….I'm not a litter box expert but do you really think any cat needs or cares about privacy???

I found this Petmate's Hi-back Litter Pan that helps contain litter scatter with the high-profile back side and a lower front side allowing for easy access. The litter pan / box comes Jumbo or large sizes depending on the size or sizes of your cats, or cats with messy litter habits.

Now  there are lots and lots of litter boxes out there, but this particular one caught my eye for the simple reason … it was created with durable, eco-friendly plastic and Microban antimicrobial to fight against the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew and that it is of course made here in the USA….not so easy to find all of these great qualities wrapped up in one litter pan.

The litter pan comes in a variety of colors but the colors….but are picked and shipped randomly…awww.  Enjoy!!