Petmate Look N See Portable Pet Carrier

This is for all you pet parents that have a little baby that's 10 pounds or under.'s called the Petmate Look N See Portable Pet Carrier for all of you that are always on the go.

This carrier is perfect for all the tiny pups that like to see what's going on but still offers the solid bottom… in other words, the best of both styles in the pet carrier world.

Made of resin that used 95% eco-friendly materials this adorable pet carrier features a molded handle for easy carrying. This pet carrier not only is eco-friendly, comfortable and lightwieght with great ventilation and visibility, but it is also made ine the U.S.A.

This Petmate Look N See Portable Pet Carrier comes in either blue or pink, the pink being more on the mauve color side for both boys and girls and is available at and other sites I'm sure, so check it out. As an after thought, I bet it would work great for kitties, birds and other small furry buddies too.  Enjoy!