Pet Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

Holidays are always lots of fun, but sometimes can be stressful both when traveling with our doggies and kitties or leaving them at home alone.  Pretty sure we all have the same concerns, like how will I transport them safely or how long can I leave them alone.   Wether your driving or flying with your pets,  here are a couple of suggestions for transporting your precious cargo.

Lucky Dogs JetPaws Carriers perfect for small dogs or cats as this carrier will fit nicely under the seat.  Please chack your airline beforehand for all rules for pet flying.  Also, always have your pets name, address and your phone number on all crates when traveling.

Petmate Airline Cargo Crate Small This Eco-Friendly crate is not only great for flying but also safe for the car and home.  Stock the crate with a comfortable mat, your dog's favorite toy, and a water bottle, and your dog is ready to go.  Make sure your pet fits comfortably in his or her crate as they could be in them for quiite a while.

Allagash Bench Seat When traveling by car, this seat cover is perfect  for  keeping your stress level down regading shedding hair.  Remember if your stressed, chances are your  pet will become stressed also and that can make for a really difficult ride for both of you.

Allagash Harness  This PVC free and Eco-Friendly harness can be used for car travel as a restraint to prevent distraction and also includes a seatbelt loop restaint,  because pets should be in a seatbelt also if not in a crate.

These are just a few ideas for traveling with pets, which are pretty much all the same things we want for ourselves….seatbelts, comfy surroundings, water, nourishment , potty stops for pottying and that means stretching and exercise too…how simple is that.

Of course, if your leaving your pets at home the rules are similar  in some ways but different inother ways.  For example, eight hours is propably the longest a pet should be left alone wether in a crate or left to raom around.   be sure to feed the pup before you go and leave food for the cat.  Have a clean litter box and  let the dog out for their final pee or pooping.  Leave plenty of fresh water out but remember after eight hours anythig goes, so be prepared.  If crating your pup make sure they have pleanty of room for those long hours.  I have a couple of different sizes for my dogs and use them according to how long I will be gone.

If your dog is cnot crazy about  being in a crate this  Petmate Portable Pet Carri  allows him or her to see whats going on all around . if you have a really big dog and need more space than the back seat, well no worries because this Eco-Quilted Dog Cargo Pad Liner is large enough to put in the back of just about any SUV, giving your big one a nice stress free ride.

 Another  perfect carrier for smaller dogs or cats is this Snoozer Eco Friendly Pet Carrier that has a leash attachment inside, is comfy and also airplane friendly.  By the way, if your traveling in the cold country have one of these Fleeced Lined Hemp Thjrow ready for your furry friends, cause we can't forget their blankie and when it's time for food or drink either the Quincher Cinch Bag or H2FIDO will do just find.

Now that you've got all your pets gear packed and ready to go or at least almost packed and ready to go, just buckle up and have a safe trip…Oh and don't forget the healthy food and treats either!