Pet Rescue Signs

Okay, so this is nothing our pets can eat, sleep on or play with, but in the wake of the terrible Tornado in Oaklahoma, I've been hearing about all the rescue stories along with everyone else.  Most people were looking through debris for family and friends, but some folks were also looking for their four-legged friends too.

I found these Pet Rescue cards and thought they were a great idea.  These individually handcrafted in the USA (Pennsylvania), Pet Rescue cards are of a bright distinctive color and can easily be put on windows and doors so rescue workers will know not only if there is a pet in the house, but  also how many and what kind, plus who to contact, in case of any natural disaster.

If I'm not mistaken the fire departments hand out a window sticker to put in childrens bedroom so they would know where to find the kids if there was a fire, especially at night.   We put stickers on our windows to let folks know we have an alarm system in place, so why not one for our pets…just in case, cause you never know..

Believe it or not these cards are made of  Elephant Dung in support of saving the Elephants in Sir Lanka.  I found these on and there is an interesting story behind these rescue cards so please take the time to read about Mr. Ellie Pooh and how we can  live green    The Pet Rescue Sign measures 4 1/2″ x 5  1/2″ and come with two wallet cards also.  They're worth taking a look at and may save a pet or pets…even your own…but these made in USA Recsue Cards are also helping to save the Elephants…and that's a good thing too.  Enjoy!